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  • My First Experience with SKYPE Spim / Spam- Instant Classic

Skype, recently acquired by eBay, is becoming a very popular Instant Messenging client. You can text chat, hold conferences, send files and most importantly talk in real time with wonderful clarity. Not only can you talk to just those on your Skype list, but you can also by credits to dial out to real world lines. Skype is a proprietary peer-to-peer Internet telephony (VoIP) network, founded by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, the creators of KaZaA.

I have been using Skype for sometime but never before had I received an unsolicited commercial message in my months of usage. In terms of e-mail this is commonly called spam but on instant messenging networks this is called SPIM. In short someone contacts you hawking goods and wares, or anything that you don't want. You don't know them, you did not contact them, did not opt-in to be contacted by them, in short they simply hammer out commercial messages in hopes someone will buy.

I found this case particularly interesting because, as I said before, I had never received SPIM through Skype (and fortunately it is easy to block a user.) In this case I decided to "play" with the spammer to gauge their response and have some fun and games.

Would they ignore me? Hit me with more unwanted spam? Or are they truly ignorant? Find below the full transcript of our "conversation". Obviously near the end I was pretending to execute various "commands" on her machines when in reality I was doing nothing but typing in all caps simulating a "look up" of who they were.

This spammer was not harmed in the incident, but let's hope they don't do it again. Read on...

The first part of the transcript is the list of brand new units of phones they sell, below it you will find our "dialogue" and my simulated commands of geolocation as I tried to steer this spammer into the path of not doing it again. I doubt that will work, but it is amusing nonetheless. More below...

[1:40:47 PM] nikky vo... says: Hello,
We are phones and laptops manufacturers of MEGA WORLD INTERNATIONAL LTD,we sell phones and laptops at very cheap rate.If you require our goodswhich also include electronics gadgets,get back to me on our company email address (
phonesbonanza@yahoo.com or also on this email address
Models: Price:
Nokia 1100-- US$55
Nokia 2100-- US$45
Nokia 2300-- US$60
Nokia 3100-- US$65
Nokia 3108-- US$60
Nokia 3200-- US$75
Nokia 3230-- US$95
Nokia 3300 - US$85
Nokia 3310-- US$25
Nokia 3315-- US$29
Nokia 3330-- US$30
Nokia 3350-- US$35
Nokia 3410-- US$35
Nokia 3510-- US$40
Nokia 3510i-- US$45
Nokia 3530-- US$50
Nokia 3595-- US$45
Nokia 3610-- US$55
Nokia 3650-- US$100
Nokia 3660-- US$105
Nokia 5100-- US$65
Nokia 5140-- US$110
Nokia 5210-- US$40
Nokia 5510-- US$105
Nokia 5550-- US$50
Nokia 5170iR-- US$39
Nokia 6020-- US$130
Nokia 6670-- US$105

Nokia 6100-- US$80
Nokia 6108-- US$90
Nokia 6220-- US$100
Nokia 6230-- US$90
Nokia 6260-- US$135
Nokia 6310-- US$69
Nokia 6310i-- US$70
Nokia 6500-- US$60
Nokia 6510-- US$60
Nokia 6600-- US$135
Nokia 6610-- US$80
Nokia 6630-- US$175
Nokia 6170-- US$145
Nokia 6650-- US$82
Nokia 6800-- US$105
Nokia 6820-- US$110
Nokia 7200-- US$125
Nokia 7210 Turquoise-- US$90
Nokia 7230-- US$100
Nokia 7250-- US$100
Nokia 7250i-- US$100
Nokia 7260-- US$135
Nokia 7280-- US$155
Nokia 7600-- US$165
Nokia 7610-- US$105
Nokia 7650-- US$120
Nokia 7710--US$130
Nokia 770--US$110
Nokia 8250-- US$65
Nokia 8310-- US$90
Nokia 8910 Titanium-- US$110
Nokia 8910 Black-- US$125
Nokia 8910i-- US$100
Nokia 8890-- US$90
Nokia 8850 Special Edition-- US$80
Nokia 8850 Gold Edition-- US$90
Nokia 8855-- US$115
Nokia 9210 Communicator-- US$105
Nokia 9210i Communicator-- US$100
Nokia N-Gage-- US$110
Nokia 9500 (communicator)-- US$120
And more........
Sony Ericsson P800-- US$100
Sony Ericsson P900-- US$120
Sony Ericsson P910i-- US$100
Sony Ericsson T20e-- US$35
Sony Ericsson T20s-- US$39
Sony Ericsson T28s-- US$39
Sony Ericsson T28 World-- US$45
Sony Ericsson T29s-- US$49
Sony Ericsson T100-- US$30
Sony Ericsson T105-- US$35
Sony Ericsson T200-- US$45
Sony Ericsson T230-- US$55
Sony Ericsson T300-- US$55
Sony Ericsson T310-- US$50
Sony Ericsson T600-- US$69
Sony Ericsson T610-- US$90
Sony Ericsson T630-- US$85
Sony Ericsson T68i-- US$70
Sony Ericsson T68m-- US$80
Sony Ericsson Z200-- US$80
Sony Ericsson Z600-- US$90
Sony CMD-J5-- US$30
Sony CMD-Z7-- US$35
Sony CMD-J7-- US$40
Sony CMD-J6-- US$40
Sony CMD-Z5-- US$90
Sony CMD-MZ5-- US$105
Sony Ericsson R520m-- US$90
Sony Ericsson R380 World-- US$90
Sony Ericsson R380s-- US$105
Sony Ericsson R600-- US$35
Sony Ericsson S700-- US$100
Sony Ericsson K500i-- US$100
Sony Ericsson K700i-- US$100
sony Ericson w800i-- US$200
And more........
Samsung SGH A200-- US$50
Samsung SGH A300-- US$40
Samsung SGH A500-- US$70
Samsung SGH A800-- US$70
Samsung SGH C100-- US$85
Samsung SGH E400-- US$125
Samsung SGH E600-- US$129
Samsung SGH E700-- US$100
Samsung SGH E720-- US$200
Samsung SGH E715-- US$100
Samsung SGH-E810-- US$100
Samsung SGH-E820-- US$90
Samsung SGH-E800-- US$80
Samsung SGH-E850-- US$140
Samsung SGH D410-- US$150
Samsung SGH D500-- US$155
Samsung SGH P400-- US$135
Samsung SGH P510-- US$90
Samsung SGH N188-- US$80
Samsung SGH N288-- US$60
Samsung SGH N500-- US$60
Samsung SGH N620-- US$60
Samsung SGH M100-- US$45
Samsung SGH P400-- US$140
Samsung SGH P410-- US$145
Samsung SGH P500-- US$155
Samsung SGH Q105-- US$40
Samsung SGH Q300--- US$70
Samsung SGH R220-- US$30
Samsung SGH R225-- US$25
Samsung SGH S100-- US$90
Samsung SGH S200-- US$100
Samsung SGH S300-- US$105
Samsung SGH S307-- US$130
Samsung SGH S500-- US$109
Samsung SGH T100-- US$100
samsung SGH S105-- US$35
Samsung SGH T200-- US$125
Samsung SGH T400-- US$60
Samsung SGH T500-- US$90
Samsung SGH T700-- US$99
Samsung SGH V200-- US$105
Samsung SGH VM680-- US$100
Samsung SGH X400-- US$105
Samsung SGH X410-- US$130
Samsung SGH X426-- US$129
Samsung SGH-C200-- US$125
Samsung SGH-X460-- US$140
Samsung SGH-X450-- US$130
Samsung SGH-X120-- US$99
Samsung SGH X600-- US$145
Samsung SGH-X610-- US$140
Samsung SGH-Z105-- US$120
And more...
Motorola A008-- US$50
Motorola A388-- US$70
Motorola A388c-- US$120
Motorola A820-- US$65
Motorola A780--$200
Motorola C330-- US$20
Motorola C331-- US$25
Motorola C332-- US$30
Motorola C333-- US$35
Motorola C350-- US$69
Motorola E360-- US$60
Motorola E365-- US$110
Motorola E380-- US$95
Motorola E398-- US$125
Motorola MPX200-- US$180
Motorola Accompli 008-- US$49
Motorola Timeport 280-- US$80
Motorola T190T-- US$25
Motorola Talkabout 191-- US$25
Motorola T720-- US$65
Motorola T720i-- US$85
Motorola V3Razor-- US$100
Motorola V66-- US$60
Motorola V60-- US$70
Motorola V60i-- US$75
Motorola V70-- US$105
Motorola V80-- US$115
Motorola V290-- US$80
Motorola V750-- US$125
Motorola V3688+-- US$20
Motorola V8088-- US$30
Motorola V525-- US$120
Motorola V300-- US$100
Motorola V400-- US$125
Motorola V500-- US$100
Motorola V600-- US$120
Motorola mpx --US$200
And more.....
Siemens A35-- US$15
Siemens A40-- US$19
Siemens A50-- US$25
Siemens A52-- US$29
Siemens A55-- US$30
Siemens C45-- US$30
Siemens C55-- US$35
Siemens CL50-- US$70
Siemens CL55-- US$65
Siemens CT56-- US$30
Siemens M50-- US$35
Siemens M55-- US$120
Siemens MC60-- US$79
Siemens ME45-- US$50
Siemens S45-- US$60
Siemens SL42-- US$65
Siemens SL45i-- US$69
Siemens S55-- US$85
Siemens SL55-- US$125
Siemens SX45-- US$155
Siemens SX1-- US$180
Siemens Xelibri 1-- US$60
Siemens Xelibri 2-- US$50
Siemens Xelibri 3-- US$80
Siemens Xelibri 4-- US$80
Siemens Xelibri 5-- US$65
Siemens Xelibri 6-- US$85
Siemens Xelibri 7-- US$85
Siemens Xelibri 8-- US$95
siemens Xk65 US$200
And more.....
Panasonic G50-- US$80
Panasonic G51-- US$95
Panasonic GD35-- US$20
Panasonic GD52-- US$25
Panasonic GD55-- US$49
Panasonic GD67-- US$39
Panasonic GD75-- US$45
Panasonic GD87-- US$125
Panasonic GD88-- US$129
Panasonic GD90-- US$30
Panasonic GD92-- US$30
Panasonic GD93-- US$20
Panasonic GD95-- US$39
Panasonic X70-- US$120
Panasonic X66-- US$110
Panasonic X68-- US$115
Panasonic A101-- US$90
Panasonic A102-- US$100
And more....
Alcatel OneTouch 301-- US$20
Alcatel OneTouch 302-- US$25
Alcatel OneTouch 303-- US$30
Alcatel OneTouch 511-- US$35
Alcatel OT525-- US$39
Alcatel One Touch 501-- US20
Alcatel One Touch 311-- US$25
Alcatel One Touch 701-- US$30
Alcatel One Touch 512-- US$40
Alcatel One Touch 715-- US$55
And more.....
NEC N830-- US$85
NEC N710-- US$70
NEC C616-- US$110
NEC N900-- US$100
NEC N820-- US$80
NEC N910-- US$100
NEC N700-- US$55
And more......
Sharp GX1-- US$99
Sharp GX10-- US$110
Sharp GX10i-- US$110
Sharp GX15-- US$110
Sharp GX20-- US$125
Sharp GX30-- US$135
And more....
Philips Fisio 120-- US$25
Philips Fisio 311-- US$30
Philips Fisio 620-- US$35
Philips Fisio 825-- US$35
Philips Ozéo 8@8-- US$45
Philips Xénium-- US$45
Philips Fisio 820 + Kit Blue-- US$49
And more....
Nextel i55sr-- US$65
Nextel i2000plus-- US$35
Nextel i58sr-- US$30
Nextel i530-- US$35
Nextel i205-- US$20
Nextel i305-- US$25
Nextel i35s-- US$29
Nextel i88-- US$30
Nextel i90-- US$59
Nextel i95cl-- US$70
Nextel i60c-- US$40
Nextel 6510TM-- US$100
Nextel i730-- US$85
Nextel i733-- US$95
Nextel i736-- US$105
Nextel i830-- US$115
Nextel i860-- US$105
Nextel i930-- US$100
And more...
Audiovox 8500-- US$30
Audiovox 8300-- US$39
Audiovox 9100-- US$15
Audiovox 9150-- US$75
Audiovox 9155-- US$35
And more....
kyocera 5135-- US$10
kyocera 2035-- US$25
kyocera 7135-- US$10
....kyocera 2135-- US$25
[1:53:32 PM] Wayne P... says: Nikky you are aware I work with the Skype Spim Department?
[2:06:30 PM] nikky vo... says: ?
[2:08:17 PM] Wayne P... says: Nikky- you are sending unwanted commercial messages. Furthermore they are accompanied by some sort of subliminal sound which I am recording for analysis in our backmasking lab.
[2:08:43 PM] Wayne P... says: Spim- is spam through an IM network. You are aware of the ramifications of this?
[2:10:36 PM] nikky vo... says: what do you mean?
[2:10:52 PM] nikky vo... says: cant i advertise my goods
[2:11:08 PM] Wayne P... says: Not in this fashion. Perhaps you should read up on Internet law.
[2:12:02 PM] Wayne P... says: about unwanted advertising through various channels like e-mail and IM services. We have no prior business relationship, I have not opted in to received your ads- thus this is considered spam.
[2:12:35 PM] Wayne P... says: Unfortunately this is a severe violation. Especially with the strange subliminal sound you are playing in background.
[2:13:09 PM] Wayne P... says: Nikky. Would you want me to do this to you?
[2:13:54 PM] Wayne P... says: OK. You leave me choice I must file an official complaint unless you can promise you will never do this again and get yourself in a lot of trouble.
[2:15:34 PM] nikky vo... says: can u pls tell me where to advertise
[2:16:50 PM] Wayne P... says: Nikky I am not a consultant but there are other options. For example Yahoo offers advertising, as does Google Adwords, you could auction goods on ebay or build a storefront with Yahoo and promote your website through quality content and build a respectable business.
[2:17:23 PM] Wayne P... says: INITIATING REVERSE IP TRACE...
[2:18:56 PM] Wayne P... says: >COMMAND OP GEOLOCATE
[2:19:03 PM] nikky vo... says: ????????
[2:19:05 PM] Wayne P... says: >DUMP TRACE
[2:19:48 PM] Wayne P... says: TRACE DUMP COMPLETE...STANDBY
[2:19:54 PM] Wayne P... says: ABUSE REPORT SENT
[2:20:08 PM] Wayne P... says: >EXIT HEX SHELL
[2:20:31 PM] nikky vo... says: what the hell u saying?
[2:20:47 PM] Wayne P... says: PLOTTING TO GOOGLE MAPS API
[2:21:32 PM] Wayne P... says: ENTERING HEX SHELL
[2:22:11 PM] Wayne P... says: >EXECUTE LOCATE RESIDENCE
[2:23:41 PM] Wayne P... says: >EXIT HEX SHELL
[2:24:11 PM] Wayne P... says: TERMINATING CONNECTION IN
[2:24:27 PM] Wayne P... says: 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..

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