Welcome to India...


Well, one of the worst plane trips of all time ended at about 4AM this morning - all it needed was Indy asking what happened to the pilots. Along with customary delhi-belly (in...er...Bangalore), and a horrifically bad ache in my jaw that just...wouldn't....quit....it's safe to say I had a rough ride out. However, I'm now in India and looking to see what goes on in spyware land.

Did you know FaceTime have a whole R&D lab out here? Yeah, well you do now. And it rocks. I'm here with the American contingent to see what the deal is.

Well, that was the plan at any rate. Because of said sickness, I spent the whole day rolling around in my bed. Not a pleasant sensation when you've spent what feels like about a fortnight sitting in a tin-can at 30,000 feet.

On the bright side, I can now name, recite and dance to every single song in the Bangalore charts. I can tell you how many times I have stumbled out of my room, comedy fashion, only to find the others had already gone out before shambling back in again. I can tell you how many monsters I fragged on Unreal Tournament 2004. But mainly, I can tell you that I have WiFi access in my room and it rocks.

The trip from the airport was pretty scary - next time I go somewhere, I'm sitting upfront with a seatbelt, as opposed to bouncing round in the back praying for a quick death. If you love cars that go honk, you'll love Bangalore. They just love tooting those things.

I also talked to some guy at Heathrow airport about spyware (the plane was delayed, what else were we supposed to do)? Turns out I'd actually cleaned one of his PCs out not so long ago on a forum, and he's like, Big Chief Important-pants of a well known Hotel chain. Next time I go abroad, it's free rooms for teh win!

Comedy moment of the day? Taking the bizarre "clean for your comfort" banner (which looked for all the world like the police tape at a murder scene) off the toilet bowl, only for it to then (of course) fall in the toilet is was previously protecting. Plunging your hand down the accursed thing to extract a "clean for your comfort" ticker tape ain't really my idea of clean, or even comfort. Oh well.

Haven't actually eaten anything as of yet, for obvious reasons - just walking around at the moment is making my stomach do flip-flops. I might attempt to carve up a biscuit later.

As for the rest of the week, well, what do I have in store for you?

Assuming I can keep down the four minstrels I just ate long enough to get something done, well, er, a whole load of spyware kicking goodness. And that.

Well, what else did you expect?

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