Google API: Geocoding Spyware Pushers and Adware Vendors


In the "because I can" department: As an exercise in messing with the Google Maps API, I have started geocoding some of the addresses of creators of (adware and other) products that we have in the spywareguide database. Then with a little php and javascript glue, made a nice overview map on it.

Click here: List of Software Vendors to see it in action. (Please no yelling if it doesn't work. It's not even beta.)

Some observations already ([Insert disclaimer about small dataset here]):

- These companies seem to cluster together. You can notice some definite grouping. Coincidence?

- Some of them have really neat offices. Select one, zoom in to max level and switch to "satelite mode" to see them.

- Look at some of the exotic locations! Here is one in Hawaii!

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